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Rick's Tile Installation & Repair - Kingsville, TX 

Grout Cleaning and Porcelain Tiles near Kingsville, Texas

At Rick's Tile Installation & Repair we travel to jobs in many of the communities in the south-west of Texas close to our base in Corpus Christi. Among the towns and cities in which our teams are regular visitors is the city of Kingsville, 40 miles away.

As one of the premier tile and grout contractors since 1985, we have a solid reputation in the local community and a journey to Kingsville is all in a day’s work for our committed team of technicians. Customer service is one of the main priorities at our family owned and operated company, and we are proud of our reputation in the local area.

When we install a tile floor at a customer’s home, we always seal the grout to prevent it staining or changing color. It takes 28 days for cement grout to fully cure and during that time we recommend to our clients that they should only damp mop the floor and not saturate it, otherwise the grout could become weak.

To clean newly installed tile, customers should use a steamer, or mop it with warm water and mild soaps if it is really dirty. During the design process of the tile installation, we will provide customers with all cleaning information and whatever input the client asks of us.

We use only the best quality tools on every installation job including a wet saw, a diamond blade for cutting the tile, a trowel, and a grout float. The trowel is used to spread the thinset onto the floors or walls, and the grout float is for filling in spaces between the tile and the grout.

Our team is highly professional so if you live in Kingsville you should take advantage of having one of the finest tile and grout companies within a short distance. Call Rick's Tile Installation & Repair today on (361) 563-5071 for the best service available.
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